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Letter to Santa

I wrote my letter to Santa today

I hope I’m not too late.

I just about caught the postman

As he was closing our front gate.

I didn’t ask for much at all,

Just a few inexpensive things.

I told him he could keep his gifts

And his expensive diamond rings.

I only asked for one more moment

To hold him close to me,

To whisper to him one more time

That he is everything I hoped he’d be.

To smell his heavenly baby scent.

To feel his fingers in my palms

And feel the weight of his little body

Resting gently in my arms.

See I told you I’m not asking much.

That’s why I wrote this little poem.

Just un-break all our hearts, Santa

And bring our baby home.

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Time stood still when they told me you were gone.

Life changed in a way most can’t understand.

I sometimes think if I walked back into that hospital room,

We’d still be there, you and I – you in my arms and my heart in your hand.

I do everything differently now just because you were here.

With each passing day, my heart breaks anew.

I sometimes wish I could have carried you inside me forever,

And then I remember that I do.

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com


We never truly lose those we love.

They are always with us.

In the memories that we made together

Which weave themselves

Into the very fabric of our being.

Their hearts beat within ours.

Every time we speak their name

We remind the world they were here.

We are held together by an unbreakable bond.

One that cannot be broken by time,

Nor distance, nor even death.

They are stardust.

Forever lighting our way when the night is darkest.

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